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Creating Solutions - The Instant Car Offer Story

For 25 years, we ran an ordinary car dealership. We had a great reputation and it was very lucrative. However, we didn’t like everything we saw in the industry. In particular, we realized that there was no easy way for individuals to sell their vehicles online without being solicited to purchase another.

Because we couldn’t find a solution, we created our own: we developed Instant Car Offer.

Although we started small, we now cover the entire US. We contract with auto dealerships across the country to provide a network of representatives who can offer you top dollar for your unwanted vehicles.

This focused, efficient system means that we don’t need to sell you anything to make profits. We don’t collect your information to pass on to other services. Our business is simply bringing people like you and our network of car dealerships together.

Our network of dealers can provide you with an instant offer, meeting you wherever and whenever is convenient. We’re not aware of any company that consistently beats us on price. We offer you more than anyone else.

With our data analytics and experience we can make offers on all types of vehicles, from clunkers worth a few hundred dollars, to luxury cars worth more than $100,000.

If you’re looking to sell a car without pressure and hassle, Instant Car Offer is your solution.

Why sell to us?

  • Quick payment, normally 30 minutes or less!
  • After inspection, you receive the check on the spot!
  • We buy any car, any year, any mileage!
  • Offer is valid for 7 days or 300 miles.
  • No advertising or marketing costs!
  • No negotiation or haggling!
  • We are not trying to sell you or use your car as a trade in for another car!
  • It's easy and free with no obligation or nothing to sign up for!

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